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Connecting Swedish Startups and International Capital

ArenaStart plays a pivotal role in the Swedish startup ecosystem as a connector between Swedish startups and international investors. With a focus on high-potential startups boasting scalable business models, ArenaStart offers a curated selection of investment opportunities. Their rigorous vetting process ensures that only startups with promising growth prospects are showcased.

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Build and scale your company faster with our ecosystem of start-ups, investors, partners and expert advisors around the world. We are passionate about helping start-ups succeed.

  • Get you idea validated
  • 360 Reversed Engineering
  • Prepare for funding
  • Faster GoToMarket

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Out of 10 Start-ups

Fails to become succesfull


of Start-ups

have no standardized system/process, clear path to profitability.


Of the investors, finds:

Early start-ups as high risk and won’t invest


Longer Go To Market Strategies

GTM takes too long time. Funding and energy runs out.

The Challenge

9 out of 10 start-ups doesn’t become successful. Even though the idea, team and market validations is there. We have identified the roadblock and hurdles that keeps start-ups from reaching their full potential. Here is some of the reasons.

  • Lack of executive power
  • Lack of strategy
  • Blind spots
  • Financial Challenges
  • Lack of team-alignment
  • Loosing belief

The solution

Get the right support from Arenastart´s ecosystem. There is a proven way to success. We start by book a meeting with the funding team. Following up with a screening process. If we are a match and we find your business idea ready to get funded, a contract will be signed and we will present you for our investor network.

  • Review your business model
  • Find the right investors
  • Prepare for funding
  • The strategy implementation starts
Getting ready for funding

We know what the investors wants to know

Pitch your start-up

Prepare your pitchdeck to maximize your investment

Investment Network

We present your start-up to our investor network

We are currently looking for start-ups to fund in 2024

We are in several dialouges with interesting start-ups. If you are looking for funding 2024, make sure to take contact with our start-up success coaches.


Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to reach a funding?
It all depends on how far have you come with your business. If all information in your business proposal is ready: the earning model, team presentation, forecast, LOI:s and contracts, pitchdeck we will be able to present your for our investor network and start the funding process. This could take 1-3 months depending of the size of the onvestment round.
Do we need to travel to Gothenburg or Stockholm?
We have offices in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. It is always nice to meet in person, and we probably should. But lets start the conversation online. We have a platform that consist all you need for screening etc.
Who is part of the ecosystem?
The ecosystem is a living organism, a thriving network of start-ups, business professionals, expert advisors, marketers, business coultants, business angels, investors, VC-firms, financial institutes, accountant firms and many more. If you would like to be part of the ecosystem, please apply and we will take contact with you.
Are our business idea safe with you?
We are passionate to help start-uos. We can relate to the obsticles and challenges uou are experiencing, since we have all experienced it our selves. All our communication during meetings and info material you choose to share will be obligied to follow the terms and policies including no disclousure agreements. So you can fel totaly secure and transparent sharing any info with our team, partners and experts.
How long does the screening process take?
The screening process gives us a chanse to understand your business model and it is also the foundation, a living document, that changes over time as your start-up evolves and you find new markets, strategies and strategic partnership. It will take you from a couple of hours to a few days work to answer all parts of your screening process. This is also to prepare you for funding. It might sometimes feel overwhelming, but it really makes the funding process much easier since the investors will have great insight and info about your start-up.
How can I come in contact with Arenstart? I have some questions.
You could reach out via our “book a meeting” form. Send and e-mail via our contact page or contact any of the founders of Arenstart on LinkedIn. Feel free to connect. We look forward to start a dialogue.
What is your experience from running businesses?
We have extensive experience from running businesses, and are experts at business growth, sales, marketing, process management, finance, ecosystem orchestration, growth hacking, trademark, business coaching of start-ups and SME companies. Please review our LinkedIn profiles to find out more about Arenastart.
Do you work with a specific niche of start-ups?
We have chosen not to exclude any business or nieches. The start-up could work in any branch. The important thing is the business idea, the team, the potential, the scalability of the business. We of course are looking for sustainable business models. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about Arenstart and our funding process.

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